Factors that Can Help you Beat Slots

In the casino gaming scene, slots are top-rated, thanks to their simplicity and fun gameplay. Many players consider slots a game of chance, but certain factors can help improve your chances of beating slot games.

What are Slots?

If you’re not already familiar with slots, this is the right time to learn about them. Slots are casino games that feature reels and symbols on the screen. To play the game, all you need to do is spin the reel. You can spin the reel for online casinos by clicking on a button on the screen, while physical casinos have a lever that you can spin to win.

Factors to Consider

When picking your slot games, the following factors can help you determine if the slot is worth your time or not.

Return to Player (RTP)

Loose slots is a term individuals in the gambling community use to refer to slots with high RTP. As a rule, it is great only to consider slots with an RTP above 96% to be loose slots.

Since this is around the average value of online slots, picking a slot above 96% means your chances of winning are above average. Some excellent slots with RTPs above average include: 

  • Jokerizer
  • Mega Joker
  • Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix
  • Blood Suckers

Jackpot Sizes

Granted, the more enormous jackpots are great – if you win. In reality, slots with large jackpot sizes don’t pay out as often as those with smaller jackpots. Understanding the effect of the jackpot sizes on your winning chances is essential if you intend to accumulate wins.

If you want to beat slot games consistently, you must learn to avoid the progressive jackpot games. These slots are among the hardest to beat on any casino, which is why the payout on these slots is always outstanding.

Number of Paylines

The paylines of a slot is a factor that can help you beat the slot. Since your goal is to walk away with more profits than losses, then you can use the number of paylines on a slot to your advantage. However, you must remain conscious of this fact to get it to work in your favour.

You can get random wins when playing an online slot, but you need to get more money than you wager to beat the slot. On the slot games, the more the number of paylines, the lower the payout percentage of the slot. With a lower number of paylines, you have an opportunity to

The volatility of the Slot

The volatility of a slot is another crucial factor you must consider. You can also refer to volatility as the variance of the slot. The volatility of a slot is a measure of the risk associated with the game.

You can also define the volatility of a slot as the frequency of payouts on the slot. There are several slot volatility classifications, including low volatility, medium volatility, and high volatility.

The low volatility slots offer small payouts frequently, while the high volatility slots offer a high payout on rare occasions. The medium volatility slots have the best of both worlds since they pay out often and have a decent payout value.

When picking a slot, it is vital you determine its volatility. This information is usually on its paytable or information menu. To continuously win a slot game, you need to play the low volatility games. The wins from these games are small, but they come frequently and can help you grow your bankroll.

Bonus Features

The bonus features of a slot also help determine the possibility of beating the slot. On many slot titles, the bonus features boost your chances of winning larger payouts on the slot. In the case of progressive jackpots, these bonuses may also play a role in improving the theoretical RTP of the game.

Things to Do to Secure your Wins

When you understand the impact of the various factors mentioned above, it is a great time to start playing online slot games. However, to make the most of your money, there are certain things you must do. Here are some actions that will help improve your chances of winning a slot game:

Don’t Jump on Branded Slots

Branded slots may seem like a fun addition to online casinos, but these slots are there mainly to attract players. For many beginners on online casinos, it is easier to play a slot game with some familiar elements. This is what the branded slots offer, and online casinos use this to their advantage.

Unlike the regular slot games, there is a need for online casinos and developers to pay some money to secure the rights for a branded slot game. To recoup the money spent, it is common for these games to be challenging to win with slightly higher bet levels.

Compare the Features of Slots

To pick the best slot games, you must learn to compare their features. The RTPs, bonuses, bet sizes, paylines, etc., all have a significant impact on the performance of the slots. You can start by comparing the RTPs of various slots and picking only slots with RTPs above 96%.

This is a power move for beginners, and it helps to secure decent wins when playing the slot. Your next step is to check and compare the volatility of these slots. Depending on your playstyle, you may opt for the low volatility slots for regular wins and to secure your bankroll.

Learn from Players and Reviews

It is a great idea to learn a few things from a review site or fellow casino players with slot games. This tip is strictly for slot games and doesn’t apply to other casino games like blackjack, poker, etc.

On games like blackjack or poker, one lousy piece of advice can ruin your chances of becoming a better player on these games. In the case of slot games, your luck and slot selection usually determine how often you win the game. It doesn’t require skills or a particular strategy like poker and blackjack.

Play Free Slot Games

Playing slot games for free gives you a chance to explore to your heart’s content. Free slot games are available through demo games and free spins. Free spins are usually available as bonuses from the online casino.

Demo games are available on some but not all online casinos. A significant of demo games is the possibility of playing them without registering on an online casino. Once you open a casino platform with demo games, you have access to these games.

Continuos practice with free games will improve your chances of winning when playing with real money.

Increase your Bet Sizes

There are thousands of online casinos on the internet, so it is not a surprise that penny slots are available. These are slots that allow players to place bets as low as one penny. For some slot players, these slots are their best bet.

Many of these penny slots offer players excellent features like progressive jackpots and bonus games, making them fun to play. However, it is impossible to trigger most bonus features on most penny slots or win the progressive jackpot when you bet the minimum amount – or penny.

If you don’t already know, the size of your bet is a factor that affects your payouts on a slot. You shouldn’t bet C$0.01 and expect your payout to match a player betting C$10. Despite the importance of placing larger bets, you should remember only to place bets that you can afford to lose.

To determine how much you can afford to lose, you need to consider the size of your bankroll.

Have a Budget

Setting a budget is one of the few actions you won’t regret when you decide to play on online casinos. When you set a budget, you can prevent your losses from affecting your ability to meet your responsibilities in life. The money that makes up your casino budget should only be money that you can afford to lose.

Once you have the budget, you can assess the cost of a spin on various slots. This will help you determine how long your money will last playing the slot. If you want to enjoy a long gaming session, you can pick a slot that offers lower bet levels with decent returns.

Know When to Stop

Online casino games can be fun and addictive, especially when you’re winning. However, to consistently beat slot games, you need to know when to hit the brakes. Even with a budget, taking breaks from your game will help clear your head and calculate your profit or loss.

It is also great to have a limit on how much you should win or lose before you stop playing. If you have an amount you intend to win before stopping for the day, make sure it is realistic. Online slots won’t make you a millionaire overnight, even when you decide to play most progressive jackpot slots.

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